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Current Govt Jobs a complete government job portal provides a variety of information services related to government public sector company recruitment segregated by city, state and job category etc. As we hope there are tremendous opportunities to people who is seeking government jobs, we bridge the gap between the job seeker and a government organisation’s recruitment.

About the author:

Mr. R Prem Kumar is the author of this government job portal who has more than 10 years of experience in data field. As his aspiration to work in data field, he believes that data is the core thing for everything in this world. then he came to know that getting the right talent for the right job becomes very hard.

Then he started the Centralised Job Portal to save time for all Indian government job seekers by collecting information from newspapers, government offices and much more resources.


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Disclaimer: CurrentGovtJOBS.co.in is an Indian based Government Job/Recruitment Portal. We do our best to provide 100% verified and authentic recruitment updates as possible. We are not responsible for any accidental error in the information being posted here. Be caution about the loss that may be caused by any defect or inaccuracy of the published details as we are not obliged for such cases.
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